The Hooper Micropub

Beer ¦ Conversation ¦ No Distractions
The Hooper Micropub

The Hooper Micropub

About Us & What’s on the Bar?

About Us

Imagine a pub where the beer isn’t just good but excellent and sourced from near and far. A pub where there isn’t a million widescreens coating the walls. A pub where there’s no distractions, just drinks, good company and conversation.

Sounds great doesn’t it? That’s exactly what we’ve brought to Wibsey.

As with all good ideas, they have to start somewhere. We estimate the ideas started in mid-2014, started gaining real momentum by late 2014 and we were open on 24th December 2015.

Our aim is simple, excellent drinks from as local and far away as possible. Oh and a few local snacks too!

Allison, Graham & The Team
The Hooper Micropub – Wibsey

Opening Hours

Tue-Thu 16:30-22:00, Fri – 16:00-late, Sat – 14:00-late, Sun – 14:00 – 21:00

What’s on the Bar?

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